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tv   Headline News  RT  July 22, 2014 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this is r t international tonight ukrainian warplanes reportedly bomb a town near the crash site of the malazan passenger jet despite the president's ban on a still ities. anti-government forces of handed over the flight data recorders to the officials probing the crash while the train carrying the bodies of flight seventeen victims reaches completing the first stage of its journey. russia's defense ministry presents radar evidence that a ukrainian fighter jet was in the nearby airspace at the time of the disaster and circled the crash site. western media insist they know who is to
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blame peeping accusations on russia citing evidence from ukrainian officials social media and the internet. if you just showed us a very good evening she was coming over here in moscow tonight the top story the ukrainian army has reportedly been launching attacks on towns and villages in the east which kiev had declared. its narea around forty kilometers wide around the site of the malaysian plane crash one resident told r.t. it's still being bombed. my friends holiday home was shelled from rocket launchers and that's what they found in their backyard hit their garage two cars were burnt down luckily no one was killed but the entire village has been raised
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it's no farther than ten kilometers from here and the president promised us a forty kilometer no comfort zone i took the shell with me to show it to the international observers working on the side now my way here i saw to fight a chance and shortly after wards the sounds of bombs explode and my mom just called me and said they had been bombed. but the other development of the day the strain here you see it's being called the train of death but brought the remains of m.h. seventeen effectives to the city of article of from there will be flown to the netherlands roman culture of records. that two hundred eighty two bodies that were recovered from the site of the crash are right here and were later taken to the city of saurez where there were gaps in refrigerated train cars have now reached the town called here in ukraine while members of the always see monetary mission who are here in ukraine here at this site and observing everything that's going on said they were completely satisfied with the transfer of the bodies from the store
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as to how to give i have watched. the train and the wagons and i. think the story itself the bodies. group of quality in while malaysian experts have also arrived on the scene they have already got a hold of black boxes that was done late last night by the self-proclaimed governments all five eastern ukraine here. the malaysian airlines boeing seven seven seven crashed in eastern ukraine last thursday all two hundred ninety eight people on board were killed among them eighty five children it's hoped that the plane's flight data recorders now will help shed light on exactly what happened there being handed to the united kingdom for decoding according to the ukrainian government meanwhile key western leaders have been criticizing the self-defense forces in ukraine's east hindering the investigation the work has been made more difficult by the presence of separatists. repeatedly prevented international
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investigators from gaining full access to the wreckage as investigators approached they fired their weapons into the air. initially investigators had trouble reaching that crash site which is in the middle of a conflict zone but michael bohl skew from the o.s.c. mission which is monitoring the recovery effort says that's no longer the case. we didn't receive any instruction. in does most of you saw we had security cordon around us most of the time and we did visit the railway station twice our passage for two nights to the affected area was incredibly fast because it took most of you know there a lot of checkpoints along the way our observations were that we did not see any perimeter of security in the place there was clearly were noticeably less activity and the emergency services were not longer present and the tents used for what they said were planning purposes had been removed. the intensification of the fighting
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in east ukraine and the mh seventeen tragedy came up at today's of my agency meeting of the russian security council headed by president putin in a coach to have a look to what was said. the president says that russia is to ensure a full scale and transparent investigation into the eight seventeen crash in eastern ukraine the one that will be available to the international community and moscow says that it is ready to facilitate such a crash investigation however that seems to be not enough not a cause that. we are being called on to influence the self-defense forces in southeast ukraine i said we would do everything possible but russian steps alone absolutely not enough if you give authorities have to be called upon to follow the basic norms of decency and to enter a ceasefire during the time of the investigation the president is calling for
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a key of to at least act appropriately as its current actions are not assisting the investigation but rather slowing it down and the president is also pointing at the un going situation in the area very close to the city of us as the president says that ukrainian troops attacked self defense you in new york and now it's almost at the same time as government forces were handing over black boxes from the crash to international experts and investigators working at the scene. as the investigation into the crash gets underway russia's defense ministry has provided evidence that may have had a hand in the tragedy it's made public its own data in the area and it shows a second craft in close proximity to the malaysian plane traffic control failed to identify which according to defense officials suggest it was a military jet. if you're not that useful at five twenty one pm and thirty five
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seconds another mark of an aircraft appeared at the point of the boeing crash this aircraft was steadily monitored by radar station. and detour in the sky during the next four minutes of having spotted the jet an air traffic controller failed to identify it as the aircraft most probably didn't ourself identification system which is characteristic of military aircraft. furthermore this is one of the satellite images released it shows ukrainian missile systems being deployed from a base some distance from the crash site but in the next photo taken on the day of the tragedy one of those missile launches is missing it was detected by a satellite near where the plane came down this graph ir shows a radar activity in ukraine peaks on the day of the crash ukraine's president denies though that the country's military was involved in the downing of the plane talking to c.n.n. petro poroshenko said the satellites and air defense systems were monitoring the
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skies of ukraine then he insisted the data from them will confirm that all ukrainian planes are on the ground at the time of the crash for its part the u.s. says this intelligence to back up their accusations against east ukraine militias and russia but it's holding back from making any of it public the state department was therefore asked why. well you're willing to present publicly that backs up your version of the story which may well be the correct version of the story but all you know a while well it may well be but i think you know i don't know him you know. because i haven't seen your evidence that shows that the missile was launched from rebel held territory but you're saying but so the only thing you're willing to put out publicly is the social media accounts i mean the social media that's part of it right but there is social media account that says that the disputes that are the claims to present a different a different version so what we said very should be met why don't you there are many
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many many theories but you're saying not always you're going to be a logical well i would point out though all of the accounts that do not support your version of events are now wrong and all of the ones that do support it are right because we make assessments based on a variety of intelligence in a variety of information some of which we can talk about publicly and some of what we stand accusations from state officials are spurred by much of the mainstream media which is putting all the blame for the crash on russia long before an official investigation has reached a conclusion you can next than has been looking into what some news outlets passing off as facts. hours after the tragic crash of m h seventeen a toxic mix of politics and speculation filled the airwaves and headlines worldwide with the western media already determining who to blame this is not a case where terrorists are operating without an address or home base it's called the kremlin is it time to stand up to russia's president once and for all blame is
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largely on putin and i think we have to hold him accountable international monitors say they now have open access to the war torn area where the plane fell and are now working to reveal what exactly happened to m.h. seventeen but in the court of public opinion the investigation itself may have already been discredited they may be stymied in the investigation because they don't want to have the real proof of the fact that they actually shot this aircraft down there have been reports saying that already some of the black black boxes had been recovered and were in moscow there has been no confirmation that the black boxes were even heading to moscow many unconfirmed reports have sprung up since the crimes a tape was widely circulated in the media with conversations between who were said to be ukrainian rebels as well as between the rebels and allegedly russian intelligence officers discussing a plane crash here has also provided a video of what it said was the launcher used to go down m.h.
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seventeen about to be smuggled into russia these recordings were only very fine by the ukrainian intelligence service hardly an impartial party in the conflict the obama administration has put out its own version of events saying a missile was shot from rebel held territory but presenting no evidence to back it up the media does not treat all sources equally either and in the court of public opinion innocent until proven guilty does not always apply. to check on r.t. washington d.c. . the e.u.'s foreign policy chief says a. new list meantime of russians and ukrainians to come under sanctions over the crisis in ukraine will be ready by thursday top european diplomats will also discuss possible economic sanctions against moscow let's bring in now u.s. defense analyst i've know and is joining us from the line ivan hi there focus back on what the media's been saying and how they've been dealing with this over the
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last four days or so fingers initially so quick as those pro salva lying there on the ground so quick to cast blame on the separatists and therefore russia what do you make of the way this has been handled along the way by the media. well of course the media the news media is twenty four seven three sixty five which means it needs a constant stream of. controversy and that's how television is run at least in the united states and i think some other western countries as well and i think you know with these things are often tried in the media before the investigation is done and i think that's been the case here the other question i always had was you know this is a war zone and why is not more criticism directed against the ukrainian government and the international aviation authorities for letting a civilian airliner fly over this place this airspace should have been closed a long time ago and. it was i think i guess they thought it safe above one hundred
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thousand feet very much so it wasn't right and of course the plane was flying the plane was flying at thirty three thousand feet apparently and that it was struck down but so why wasn't this closed i mean some airlines had already routed their traffic around this that's common sense right but some weren't i mean this is dollars and cents airlines want to fly the quickest route in the one that saves the most gas and that sort of thing and i understand a profit making but you know when people's lives are at stake i think more criticism should be placed on the. as i say on the ukrainian government for that and also the international aviation authorities. washington says it's cold intelligence data proves it was a missile launches they say all the or trying force that launched it they keep talking about this but where is the proof nothing substantial has been put forward
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at all yet. well intelligence agencies i mean it could be legitimate that they're hiding the sources and methods and it could be that it's not legitimate and that this is you know well let's just put it out there and see what see what happens the problem is nobody is neutral in this site you have both sides supporting various sides in the ukraine and so both russia and the united states have a stake in the outcome i think the the upshot of all this is going to be more sanctions and more european sanctions against russia and really i think some as i say some of the blame should lie on the the government of ukraine for not closing the airspace and you can't expect to fly over a war zone and not be in danger. even things being on the program has been on its international. thank you well malaysian investigates is on the way to the scrushy site and have not really avoided coming under fire themselves the ukrainian army
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unleashed. strikes on the region's capital still a stronghold of anti-government activists killing five civilians and wounding many more we talk about that coming up plus two. the number of palestinians killed in israel's offensive cost is six hundred as a hospital in the day to buy injured civilians becomes the latest target of shelling biggest day with us for all reports from gaza just ahead as well.
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speak which. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about seventy yards interviews intriguing stories for you. to find out more visit our. hello again and i was drive away from the malaysia air wace crash site the
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ukrainian army shelled and bombed the regional capital of the self-proclaimed republic donetsk it also hit the ganske to the capital of another restive eastern region over a dozen civilians have been killed and many others injured just to warn you there are some graphic images coming up in the videos filmed by locals now you're about to see. good but. i. think i. read what. the city of donetsk under constant shelling by the ukrainian army remains a stronghold for anti-government activists graham phillips has more on what's going
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on in the city. i'm here in donetsk outside the city central ministers a building which is firmly in the hands of the pro dinette activists as is the entire city of donetsk we have in the city limits in some places thirty kilometers ramparts fortifications there's a collapsed railway bridge with wagons across it that's not completely impassable and it is not be the receiving end of shelling approaching the city today there were plumes of smoke billowing up into the end that was a factory complex in the city center shelled body crazy military we also had the railway station here reportedly on the receiving end of shelling with reports of casualties there and fighting going on here throughout the day at the city's airports. the ukrainian parliament has voted to draft more recruits to the conflict zone in the east to the decision was opposed by one opposition member who spoke out against the move his microphone was quickly switched off and he was pulled from the podium and beaten we've got more on ukraine's ongoing term of both political and
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military at r.t. dot com. next the u.k. will hold a public inquiry into the death of former russian f.s.b. officer alexander litvinenko poisoned in london nearly a decade ago now the investigation could shed light on who was behind the assassination. reports. alexander litvinenko as many of you will remember was a former f.s.b. officer who died in london in two thousand and six now some of his family say that they believe that he was working for six at the time of his death but he was allegedly poisoned with radioactive polonium after drinking tea with two russian men in a london hotel now the new investigation is set to examine whether or not russia was behind his death and the home secretary theresa may said that she was hoping that the inquiry would be of some comfort to alexander litvinenko is a widow last year a judge ruled that indeed
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a public inquiry with its wider powers is exactly what is needed to try and get to the bottom of how alexander litvinenko died now the timing of this is very significant to come right. point in relations between the u.s. the u.k. and the russian in the wake of the crash of flight m h seventeen over eastern ukraine now ministers in westminster have reportedly said that the timing of the inquiry is pure coincidence but what a coincidence it is. believed the british attempt to punish moscow. this comes on the very day that britain is trying to push other members of the e.u. to impose tougher sanctions on russia this is just one more stick that the u.k. government to take the russian and so i think it's no coincidence that all the comes out just five days after this terrible plane disaster in the crane it's all
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part of this russian folk campaign and as the u.k. government will be hoping that bringing this back into the limelight it's not trying to provoke people against russia and so it's a political decision i believe. israeli warning shots have been fired of a building in gaza city where foreign journalists have based there are no casualties but the building which is situated in a residential area was evacuated israel earlier warn it will not be responsible for journalist safety in the area but it's garza's civilians who've been affected most of course since israel's anti militant operation began two weeks ago now the offensive has claimed the lives of six hundred five palestinians up to the season in israel's last thirty people twenty eight of the i.d.f. soldiers. was.
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the world. below. what it was it was. adding to the civilian toll was monday's tank shelling of a hospital in central gaza where at least five people died one norwegian doctor volunteering in gaza wrote an open letter drawing the attention to the horrific injuries witnessed by the medics he describes lakes of blood emergency rooms where the wounded are constantly arriving might kill but also appeal to western leaders to take a closer look at what's happening here arguing that spending one night at a hospital where he works would be enough to change their minds are a fear talk to what israel is actually doing it's applying an immensely
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disproportionate force which we see not at least in austral i mean when we look at all these vern bodies i think they use an ira a different grenades and charges. of both the bombardment of buildings and destroying of whatever habitat there is and to call this sort of on to personal effects. and this roughness or as shocking as are really hard to treat because it takes number one they're deadly if they penetrate your cave scrolled the chest abdomen they would cut open the blood vessels and you bleed to death within a short time depending on the size of the travel but if the. well this children would have hundreds of shrapnel start you have to sit and extract one by one and it's extremely painful and of course it's dangerous because you can have infections so it's an irony of weaponry that they are using all the time. what is your response the general the general situation of violence especially in this context
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of what's almost a cycle almost of every few years this happening. and that's that's really a good question because it seems i think i heard one spokesperson for i.d.f. saying that everybody who has a backyard needs that you know set you need to have to mow the lawn every now and then and that's what we're doing basically every third year we have to go down and cut the grass to gather meaning killing people. in a way this is a huge obstacle to peace because it sort of moves everything backwards backwards backwards instead of finding you know what can we agree on like moneyball said if you want peace you have to talk to enemies this is not talking to enemies this is make your enemies really untalkative. the f.b.i.'s pursuit of terrorists as it seems to create them out of law abiding citizens are appalled by human rights watch also says american muslims are these security agencies top targets indeed going to put knives in new york should give us more details on this marine or it
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looks somewhat what the f.b.i. is methods or something of a self-fulfilling prophecy here. well whatever you want to call it the reality is that hundreds of american muslims are being arrested and prosecuted for taking part in crimes manufactured and orchestrated by the u.s. government a lengthy report released by human rights watch finds that nearly all of the highest profile domestic terrorism plots post nine eleven featured direct involvement by f.b.i. informants who recruit the targets and induce them into taking part in would be terrorist attacks now most of if not all of the targets are muslim the role that the f.b.i. informant or agent provocateur plays is that he sets up the plan he provides the weapons he encourages the target and even at times induces him or her by promising cash to carry out the would be human rights watch focused primarily on twenty seven cases and found the following that the federal bureau of investigation may have created terrorists out of law abiding individuals by conducting sting operations
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that facilitated or invented the targets willingness to act in one case a judge said the government came up with the crime provided the means and removed all relevant obstacles the report also says that in aggressively pursuing terrorism threats before they even materialize u.s. law enforcement overstepped its role by effectively participating in developing terrorism plots now as of two thousand and eight the f.b.i. had roughly fifteen thousand paid informants about thirty percent of the nine eleven terrorism cases are considered sting operations which informants played an active role in recruiting the would be terrorists and setting them up to commit the crime we've got a number of cases of how you would go just to. see. well while most other countries would consider this an entrapment post nine eleven laws combined with america's war on terror make it very difficult to prove in court you
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see the defendant has to prove that he or she was not predisposed to commit a violent act even if he or she was induced by the government the majority of people the f.b.i. informant recruits are former conflicts they don't have much money almost all of them are muslims with the with an ideology a religious belief that can be twisted into being radical so the f.b.i. is essentially operating like a pre-crime agency anyone who has seen the movie minority report will understand what pre crime policing actually means report our correspondent new york thank you . thank you for being with us as well the international law but with more news in just thirty three minutes time but after the break much as close as go straight to their sides yet again.
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well. it's technology innovations all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. i marinate join me. in that impartial and financial commentary interview and much much. only on bombast and on.
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welcome to the kaiser report i'm max keiser you know in july of two thousand and eight just weeks before the collapse of lehman brothers took down the financial markets with the bank and before tarp and serb unnerve george w. bush was caught on camera at a fundraiser in houston texas saying quote there is no question about it wall street got drunk the question is how long will it take to sober up and not try to do all those fancy financial instruments if drunk is code for fraud then georgie the party was just getting started. max wall street is a drunk again and actually they're drunk driving it appears tweet from deal book sub prime auto loans are bundled and sold by banks to insurance companies mutual funds and public pension funds well this is they.


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